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1079 Newport Mews Drive
Bensalem PA 19020
United States


Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care offers a BOLD and DISRUPTIVE approach to beauty that challenges the way modern women think about conventional skin care and keeping their bodies healthy. We offer naturally organic beauty solutions for all women regardless of age, ethnicity or skin type.  Me & The Girls serve those seeking to enhance their current skincare regimen as well as those seeking new and innovative skincare solutions.  Certified Organic Cupuasu Seed Butter is the premiere key ingredient in all of the unique waterless organic skincare products manufactured by Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care. The luxurious butter, which is harvested sustainably, possesses a high capacity for water absorption giving it superior anti-aging moisturizing and softening properties.  Unparalleled emolliency actively restores elasticity to skin and softens the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. The products are recommended by 100% of the women who use them.  NO artificial color, fragrances, synthetics, fillers, parabens or   preservatives are used.  They contain no animal products no animal testing of any kind is used. WE’RE VEGAN!   



Our Philosophy

Beneficial Organic Beauty focuses on the development of the most effective, lush moisturizers to make your skin soft, youthful and beautiful. During the process we create working environments that foster creativity, inclusivity and respect among our employees. Sales generate income that support organic farmers in their efforts to produce safe organic crops and also allow fair trade workers to sustainably harvest lush pods and seeds at fair wages.

At the core of the brand is our sincere effort to facilitate education and social justice for women and girls in the United States and abroad. A portion of all profits is donated to vital organizations with goals that mirror our values.




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This is My Story

After raising my family I sought a new life that would combine my knowledge as a critical care nurse, my passion for developing healthy, luxurious beauty products, and my responsibility to support the social needs of women and girls.  I reminisced about being a young teen concocting potions in my mother’s kitchen.  So I began experimenting.  Mixing rich botanical oils and exotic butters resulted in lush body polishes and moisturizers that smelled good enough to eat and left my skin soft and radiant.  With the steady demand from friends to “cook more cream” new opportunities evolved and I knew my dream had come true.  “Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care, L.L.C.” was born and I finally had my heart’s desire.

“I want my life to matter by changing the lives of women and girls one fabulous beauty product at a time.”

                                                                       - Sharon