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Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care offers a BOLD and DISRUPTIVE approach to beauty that challenges the way modern women think about conventional skin care and keeping their bodies healthy. We offer naturally organic beauty solutions for all women regardless of age, ethnicity or skin type.  Me & The Girls serve those seeking to enhance their current skincare regimen as well as those seeking new and innovative skincare solutions.  Certified Organic Cupuasu Seed Butter is the premiere key ingredient in all of the unique waterless organic skincare products manufactured by Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care. The luxurious butter, which is harvested sustainably, possesses a high capacity for water absorption giving it superior anti-aging moisturizing and softening properties.  Unparalleled emolliency actively restores elasticity to skin and softens the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. The products are recommended by 100% of the women who use them.  NO artificial color, fragrances, synthetics, fillers, parabens or   preservatives are used.  They contain no animal products no animal testing of any kind is used. WE’RE VEGAN!   


Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar



Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar

bar b.jpeg
bar b.jpeg

Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar


This all in one product MOISTURIZES, CLEANSES, PRIMES, SOFTENS, and ILLUMINATES the skin, SOOTHES sun-damaged skin overnight, and is rich in luxurious moisture-rich Certified Organic Cupuacu Seed Butter.  Not only does it transform your skin in less than a week, it works beautifully on "fly aways" and is an amazing overnight oil treatment for distressed and overly processed hair. This product will definitely not disappoint with its easy to use, conveniently packaged twist-up tube. TSA Approved. 


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INGREDIENTS: Theobroma Grandiflorum (Certified Organic Cupuacu Seed Butter)*, Theobroma Cacao (Certified Organic Cocoa Butter)*, Calophyllum Inophyllum (Certified Organic Tamanu Oil)*, Cocos Nucifera (Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil)*, Vitamin E - TocopheroL

* 99% USDA Certified Organic Ingredients


Light non-greasy daily moisturizer

Nourishing non-foaming oil cleanser

Facial make-up primer

Light overnight facial conditioner

Aging, sensitive skin

Heat and cold skin recovery

Dry, cracked skin

Eczema and other mild skin irritations


Satin textured skin

Balances skin pH

Improves skin elasticity

Protects skin from free radicals

Natural antioxidant

Unique regenerative moisture




"This is a great product for traveling - it can be used for most of your skin care needs." 

  -Mary Melchior, Mount Holly, NC

"My take it on your trip beauty bar. Can be used in multiple ways to clean and moisturize. I love it!" 

  -Chris Dawson, Williamstown, NJ

"This product has changed my skin care regimen. So easy to use, and I am seeing results. Great product!" 

  -Obehi Asemota, Mundelein, IL

"My skin got very dry in my 40's. The oils in the bar cleanses and moisturizes. First cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin." 

  -Karen Kay, Pembroke, MA

"Superb Product.  I'm big on skin care, especially my face, since it's the first thing people see. I've never used a product that it effective and versatile as much as the Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar is. It's my favorite product of my daily hygiene regimen. It's something that can be used for both sexes and people of all ages." 

-Roselynn Fulford, Baltimore, MD

"Awesome!  Greatest beauty bar . Easy to use and just the perfect beauty bar for any skin condition or just dry skin.  Love it!"

-KAT  Phoenix, AZ

 "I rarely write reviews, but this product is so amazing and Sharon is the best. This is now my daytime moisturizer/primer. As winter has started in Chicago it will also be my cleanser. I also love it for travel. I triples as my soap/ moisturizer/ primer and it doesn't take up valuable space in my liquids bag for air travel. Thank you Sharon."

   -Elaine  Glencoe, IL

 "Love it, Love it, and saw results in just a few days." 

- Frances Grous, Langhorne, NJ 

 "I have only ordered the Belza bar twice ....but both times I have totally enjoyed the benefits. I love the way I can rub it on my face at night to remove all of my make-up. After the cleansing process I rub a little more on my face ...for a great moisturizing effect. I would recommend this product to anyone with normal to sensitive skin. My only wish for this product is that I would never run out of it."

- Cathy D. Hatch, Columbia, TN 

"I Love my Bar Beliza!  Bar Beliza is easy to use, never sticky, and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished." 

-Eileen Alexander, Whitefield, NH

 "This is a fantastic product! Very versatile. You can use it as a make-up remover or a moisturizer. It is one of my favorite products. I also like that it has no chemicals. I will always try to keep this product on hand!"

- Kathleen Williams, Folsom, CA

 "The most fantastic beauty product!  I rarely buy a beauty product more than once unless I am totally fascinated with it. Bar Beleza is one of those products to keep with you always. I use it daily as cleanser, moisturizer, as a make up base (just a little) etc. I even use it as a face mask when I take a bath. The results are really positive. I totally recommend this product."

- MLA, Coral Springs, FL

 "I have ordered Me & The Girls products before and LOVED them. The Bar Baleza was new for me this time and once again I am amazed. Sharon has created products that work beyond expectations. Your skin drinks it in. Plus being vegan means I feel good about how this product was produced. Sharon created products that absolutely love your skin and in my opinion she is a genius. Use it once and I promise you will stay with it."

- Mary Robbins, Bolton, CT

 "Love the product and love the presentation.  This product is divine. It's clean and soothing and my skin loves it. The packaging and presentation of the whole line of products is so nice and thoughtful it's gift worthy. I am using the serum and the Bar Beleza as well as the lip balm. Best ever. Thank you, Sharon, for your wonderful and innovative organic skin care products!!!"

 - Anne Granieri, Granger, IN

 "I Love the Bar Beleza!!! Actually I love all your products!!! I read a magazine article about you and your fabulous line of beautiful, make you feel sooo good, products ordered and have been hooked every since!!! Keep it up girls!!!"

- Kelly, Marysville, CA

 "Beauty Bar Extraordinaire.  I am on my third beauty bar! I absolutely love it. I use it as a cleanser and eye make up remover. It is really a great product. It is convenient and easy to use. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized."

- Holly Verrichia, Mantua, NJ

 "Multitasking Genius!  This is so easy to use as a facial moisturizer. I like that it's applied to damp skin as it feels like the moisturizer "locks in" with the water. I have sensitive skin, and this has been a great addition to my morning routine. In the evening I use the serum. My skin feels soft, it looks hydrated, and I am very pleased with the results."

 - JL, Kalamazoo, MI

 "I love my beauty bar. I use it on everything, hair. skin and body. Even my hands and they all appear to look younger. smile. I would love to have that beauty bar in a form so that I could use it on my hair. I am a colored lady and I have hair that needs oils. Love, love, love, the product. Keep up the good work. Will be back for more."

 - Carolyn Smith, Tallassee, AL

  "Just started using this product, I like how light it is and it absorbs quickly."

 - Carol Rosenthal, Moriches, NY

 "Very easy to use.  This product is great! It's so convenient to use. I use it mostly as a moisturizer and it works very well."

 - Gordana Dolenc, Bethesda, MD

 " I've been using the "bar" a little over two weeks. I like the feel of my skin. I also like that it absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feel."

 -Barbara Stevens, Hempstead, NY

 "I like it. I've used it for less than a week, so a little too soon to tell long-range effect. Skin feels soft."

 -Lucy Humbert, Corsicana, TX


This was the final full size product I ordered, after trying everything in the sample sizes in the gift collection. I like that it is a push up bar. It feels good on my skin. Just not sure about it - it is a make up remover, a face wash and a moisturizer? Right now, I am using it as a moisturizer, but don't know whether to use in conjunction with the serum or alone. I'll keep experimenting."

 - K. Florida

  "I am in love with this product. I have sensitive and aging skin (43 years old) and this products works so well with my skin. It is so easy to use. I love that it is a solid and easy to apply then turns softer and rubs right in. I am so pleased with the bar beleza."

 - Joey Sacuy, Costa Mesa , CA

 "I like it.  It is easy to use,  I like the idea that it doesn't foam.

Leaves a silky soft feeling afterwards."

 - Benan, Cross River, NY

"The Bar Beleza is the true standout in my long quest to find a totally natural yet effective eye makeup remover. It even beats pure organic coconut oil, which I love but which often gets in my eyes...ugh. The Bar Beleza gently breaks down my makeup for quick and easy removal, perfect for those nights when I just want to go to sleep without a lot of foofaraw! Oh, and did I mention that it is also a stellar moisturizer? My skin looks so much better since I began using it. The Bar Beleza is an absolute gem!"

 - A.P., Deleware

"This product has exceeded my expectations, and continues to wow me with it's versatility. The texture is really unique. It applies like a moisturizer, then melts into my skin almost resembling a light oil. It is super hydrating, a great lightweight cleanser, and a spot treatment for dry skin. My skin feels smooth with just the right amount of hydration. Plus, I LOVE the ease of the twist- up tube.  A definite addition to my daily beauty routine."

 -Indy, Illinois