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Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care offers a BOLD and DISRUPTIVE approach to beauty that challenges the way modern women think about conventional skin care and keeping their bodies healthy. We offer naturally organic beauty solutions for all women regardless of age, ethnicity or skin type.  Me & The Girls serve those seeking to enhance their current skincare regimen as well as those seeking new and innovative skincare solutions.  Certified Organic Cupuasu Seed Butter is the premiere key ingredient in all of the unique waterless organic skincare products manufactured by Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care. The luxurious butter, which is harvested sustainably, possesses a high capacity for water absorption giving it superior anti-aging moisturizing and softening properties.  Unparalleled emolliency actively restores elasticity to skin and softens the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. The products are recommended by 100% of the women who use them.  NO artificial color, fragrances, synthetics, fillers, parabens or   preservatives are used.  They contain no animal products no animal testing of any kind is used. WE’RE VEGAN!   




Moon™ Beauty Serum


Moon™ Beauty Serum


Moon™ Beauty Serum is a luxurious penetrating organic serum rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  This product is first in its class of organic restorative face oils and nourishing serums.  Soothes SUN DAMAGED face and skin overnight.  Soothes irritation from eczema and rosacea flare ups. 

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INGREDIENTS:  Punica granatum (Certified Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil)*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Certified Organic Jojoba Seed Oil)*, Vitis Vinifera (Certified Organic Grapeseed Oil)*, Helianthus Annuus (Certified Organic Sunflower Seed Oil )*, Calophyllum inophyllum (Certified Organic Tamanu Oil)* , Theobroma Grandiflorum (Certified Organic Cupuacu Seed Butter)*, Vanilla Planifolia (Certified Organic Vanilla Oil)*, Vitamin E- Tocopherol  *NOP Certified Organic 



Light to medium moisture

Day or night regenerative treatment

Mature, sensitive skin

Dry, dull skin

Sun or cold exposed skin

Excellent foundation and make-up primer

Anti-aging moisture treatment


Satin textured skin

Balances skin pH

Improves skin elasticity

Protects skin from free radicals

Natural antioxidant

Unique regenerative moisture


After cleansing, massage a small amount of rejuvenating serum into wet or damp face and décolletage.

One pump is usually enough to cover your entire face, neck and chest area. Allow vitamin-rich oil to absorb well into the skin before applying make-up and sunscreen.

Use daily or as a night treatment

Store serum in a cool dry area.




"I Love the stuff.  All the women in my household - ages 20-57 - love these products. I (the 57 year old) have quite sensitive skin, and the Moon Serum is the best product I have used. I put it on morning and night, and I swear my skin gets younger. My daughters love all the products, so I am tucking the travel gift set in their suitcases for summer travel."

- Kimberly Burnett, Vienna, VA



"This feels nice and light on my face. I am over 50 so it is important to me that my skin feels and looks healthy, the serum does that and also keeps it feeling nice and soft."

- Mary Ann Forgues, Kemptville, ON

 "Perfect for Everyday Use.  have officially switched from my former face moisturizer to using the Moon Beauty Serum everyday. It goes on smooth and does not leave my skin feeling oily. I am also an athlete that trains outside a lot in the winter weather. I have consistently applied the Beauty Serum before going outside to protect my skin and it has not disappointed me. I highly recommend the Moon Beauty Serum."

- Brittany Forgues  Massachusetts, USA

 "Excellent, light , my face looks glowing in the morning and never any breakouts!!

- Sandra Speer,  Manahawkin, NJ

 "Love this stuff!  I was given this moisturizer as a gift last Christmas. It got me through the cold winter with soft, hydrated skin. Loved it so much I purchased it for myself this year."

- Sandra Joseph, West Orange, NJ

"Great skin!  my skin is so soft the morning after using this product."

-  Mary Melchior Mount Holly, NC

 "I like how it feels on my skin. It has been good during the really cold days this winter." 

          -  Julia Morgan,  Avondale, PA

"Makes my skin feel great.  I never thought I could use oil on my acne-prone skin but this stuff does not make me break out. It is luxurious and my skin loves it."

-  Sandra Joseph, West Orange, NJ

"Excellent product Excellent product.  The first time you can see the difference, skin soft, hydrated and Nice texture. Very Happy, love it ;-) "

- Nancy Gingras, Brigham, QC Canada

"Was skeptical, but love it!  I was nervous to put oil straight on my skin, but it sinks in beautifully and feels great."

-  Karen Kay, Pembroke, MA

 "Beautiful Skin!  Moon Beauty Serum helps moisturize my face, which aids in helping my skin to maintain it's integrity. I'm not very old. At 32, I'm consistently told how much younger I look than I really am. I owe it first to God, but most importantly, to the products I use in skin care."

- Roselynn Fulford, Baltimore, MD

 "My skin has never felt so good." 

- Susan Capone, Sea Girt, NJ

 "Changed my Skin!  I absolutely LOVE the Moon Beauty Serum. It is gentle yet super moisturizing - it changed my skin overnight. I also love supporting this wonderful female driven business. I am a client for life!"

-Pilar Tillinger, Washington Depot, CT

 "Simple and Fabulous!  I ordered a Foot Scrub, which I have already used before and love. My package arrived very quickly and when I opened it discovered a generous gift enclosed with my order. That was a Moon Serum. That was first time I tried it and totally fallen in love with it. It absorbed very fast and leaves my skin supple, hydrated and comfortable. I used it at night, as well as during the day, it works great! I will order a full size. Thank you!!!"

-Anna V. Washington, DC

"Love this!

- Jean Kelly, Milton, MA

 "Love this serum, makes my skin feel so soft. I use it in the evening, right before bed and wake up to the smoothest skin."

- Jackie Lachajczyk, Palatine, IL

"This serum is true nourishment for my face. It soothed my dry winter skin. It gave me a dewy look which I haven't had in years! It also felt so soothing as I put it on. It's light on the face without any annoying fragrance. I wish I had a body version of it."

- JL, Kalamazoo, MI

"Love this product. My daughter is now using it as well and we are both happy with how it makes our skin feel and look."

Ann DeFeo, Leawood, KS

"DIVINE!  THIS is what God intended when he created plants, animals, and human beings along with earth, wind, fire, and water. Thank you for harnessing this purity and sharing it with me!"

 - Elise Manning, Port Orchard, WA

"Loved the products I received!  Love the serum and the moisturizer - feels great on my skin, not oily or greasy. I will buy some again!"

-  Melinda Jarrell, San Marcos, CA

"I love the moon serum!  I have used the moon serum on my face every morning since last fall, and it gives me a dewy--but never greasy--fresh look! Even through this long cold winter, my skin hasn't gotten chapped or dry. My two teenagers have started using it too, and I have noticed that they have no blemishes on their skin since they started. Plus, it smells gorgeous and earthy! I would recommend this to everyone, and I plan on using it forever!"

- Paige, McLean, VA

"Moon Beauty serum is awesome!  Love the serum! I love the smell, and it has made a difference in the appearance of my dry, winter skin!"

-Carol Rosenthal, Moriches, NY

"So-so product.  I know the product is good for my skin, but I really dislike the smell - too much like vegetable oil from my kitchen cabinet"

-Moira, Vermont

"Awesome Oil!  Love this! Healed two peeling patches on my eyelids. Soaks right in my desert parched skin. I use it morn and night."

- Patricia Goehrig, Tucson, AZ

"Love this product!  Smells great, not greasy, put on in the morning after my shower before my cream and make-up. I have a drawer full of promises for my 54 year old skin, this one has panned out. My skin feels and looks moist and not tired all day. Put on at night as well after I wash my face and then add the Anti-Aging Cream. Great stuff!!"

- Jan Grunewaldt, Sioux Falls, SD


"All I can say is "ooh la la"! Love this oil and using it on my neck and chest area as well as my face. I spend a lot of time out of doors and my skin has paid the price this winter. It feels and looks great!"

- Charlee Thompson, Lanark, IL

"Amazing product!  Since I've tried just about everything on the market, I figured why not try Moon Beauty Serum. I've tried other oils on my face, but they clogged my pores and created breakouts, but not Moon Beauty Serum. It doesn't clog pores or create pimples. It is luxurious, sinks into my skin and doesn't sit on top of it. As a woman in my 50's, my skin has become drier and more sensitive. I cannot use products with perfume and artificial ingredients. This serum is natural and it makes my skin feel wonderful. I also use it on my neck and décolletage. Thanks, Sharon, for creating a fabulous serum. My skin thanks you, too. I will be a returning customer to try more of your products."

- Donna Marie, New York